It’s a Colorful World! Tips and Tricks for Coloring Your Poppy Tote

So you’ve purchased a Poppy Lunch Tote. Yay for you! You’re about to create a one-of-a-kind bag that is as unique as you are. Before you start, read over these tips and tricks that we’ve found make a huge difference in how your design turns out and save you frustration.

  • Ultra-fine point permanent markers work best on the bag, especially when coloring close to the lines. Larger tip markers are too big for many of the tiny design elements, and they tend to bleed.
  • Fine point can be used to fill in larger areas if you are careful. Use short, quick strokes and a feather-light touch so that less ink flows. Do not get too close to the lines! Fill in the spaces close to the lines with an ultra-fine point marker of the same color.
  • Any permanent marker brand should work, but our favorite brand is Sharpie, because you can buy a set of both Ultra-Fine Point and Fine Point and have matching colors of each. You might want to try out the “80’s Glam” Sharpie set. The colors are fabulous!
  • Start in a less conspicuous area, such as near the bottom, until you get a feel for how marker ink flows.
  • Don’t forget to use white as a color. Leaving a few sections uncolored can really make the other colors pop!
  • Help colors “set” by putting bag in dryer for 20 minutes. Even so, colors will fade a bit when bag is washed. Spot clean when possible to limit fading.

Happy Coloring!

Be sure to send us a picture of your bag, so that we can add it to our gallery!


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